I would eat way more fruit


There are so many vending machines across the grid, and I always take the time to check them out when I see them.  There’s something so enticing about the idea of dropping a coin in and getting a “prize”.  Here is my addition to the pile.

[INDO] Vending Machine Ad

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Of Rice Cookers and Chaos

[INDO] Rice Cooker Adrice cooker example

One day, a long long time ago, I woke to find that my beloved laptop had shuffled off this mortal coil and taken with it all of my files and tools I used to maintain this site and my Second Life store.  I was in the middle of a difficult quarter, and buying a replacement laptop and getting on with homework and studying took a priority over resurrecting my old files, temporarily.

Temporarily turned into months and then years.  And now I’m not sure I even can reclaim that lost data.  But this week, I wanted a rice cooker, and looking on marketplace, there was nothing like the modern push button appliance I use at home.  And I wanted that, so, much as happened the very first time I built something, I decided to make what I wanted.  And doing so required me to dig deep.  It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten in just a few years.

But I did it.  And having done it, and remembered what I loved about creating in the first place, I made up a new ad, and listed it.  And maybe, hopefully, there will be more.  I’m glad to be back.

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